Everyone's favorite "fake" holiday is almost here. See what your neighbors are Googling for gift ideas.

If you've been wondering what people around the country are Googling for Valentines Day, good news: Estately has put together a map for you.

We here in Texas are planning a night of fun with edible panties, discount sex toys, and plus-size lingerie, because everything is bigger in Texas. As for the discount sex toys...that's smart thinking. Used sex toys are great because that way you know they work.

The folks in Alabama have everything they need to make whoopie, except Lord Byron Poetry. Because in Alabama your lover walks in beauty, like the night. Well, obviously.

If your lover is from Arizona, you should expect a cubic zirconia ring. Feel free to let the dumping begin.

California enjoys couples pajamas to get through those rainy, mudslide, earth quaking nights. Or bondage gear. You make the call.

The folks from Idaho do their "love" shopping at Adam & Eve. "You're gonna put what where? The hell with that, give me that apple."

Illinois misses the 70s. They love themselves some chocolate fondue.

In Iowa, nothing says love like a tandem bike ride through the manure.

Kentucky doesn't mess around. Or, actually they do with Google searches of 50 Shades of Gray books and movies. Also porn for couples.

Our neighbors to the East love them the feel of silk sheets and porn.

Oofta, the folks in Minnesota show their love with a singing telegram. It's how Mary Tyler Moore would've done it.

In Missouri, nothing says love like a coupon for good vejazzling.

The Oakies enjoy boudoir photography, because nothing says sexy like photo shopping away the stretch marks.