Starting Monday, November 4, the KRock1017 app could be your ticket to meet and greet Trans-Siberian Orchestra backstage in Memphis! We want to fly you and a friend round-trip, set you up in a nice hotel room, and throw $500 spending cash your way.

It's an app-exclusive, so make sure you download the free KRock1017 app here or search "krock1017" in the App Store and Google Play.

If you win, you don't want to meet the band in a lame old ratty t-shirt. You'll want to be sporting some awesome TSO gear, and we found a few primo pieces.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Wizards in Winter Shirt

This one's sweet and simple, and nothing's more metal than a damned ice wizard. Nothing, I say!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tour 2016 Ladies T-Shirt

This one stood out to me because it looks so warm and cozy until you zoom in.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tour 2016 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I'm a little claustrophobic so I prefer short sleeves, but this is bad ass. I would sport it.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Womens Roundneck 3/4 Long Sleeve T Shirt

Ladies, here's another one for you. Rockers girls look great in 3/4 sleeve shirts. Just sayin'. ‍♂️

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Hoodie

It's gonna be collllld in Memphis, so make sure your hoodie shows some TSO love.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Baseball Cap

It's a no-brainer for covering your brain!