Here is an example when being a "social media smart ass" can backfire on you in a major way.

According to CBS 4 KGBT, 19-year old Brandon Diaz was wanted by the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department for theft, and the Palmview Crime Stoppers posted a wanted picture of Diaz on their Facebook page on September 19th with information on receiving a possible reward for his capture.

So Brandon, clearly not knowing how this internet stuff works, decided to comment on the post ASKING FOR HIS OWN REWARD MONEY with a few "laughing" emojis behind it.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office didn't post any emojis, only the comment, "We will see very soon." And true to their word, Diaz was arrested on one count of felony theft nearly a week after his post. Here's video courtesy of KTRK ABC 13: