Today is International Cat Day and with it comes the age old controversy of which pet is better: Dog or Cat? I can’t help you there because I have 6 of one (dogs) and 1 of the other (cat). I can tell you why I love them both, though. The dogs love me unconditionally and the cat loves me whenever he feels like it.

Mr. Binx Photo by Tasha Stevens

I blame/thank my Veterinarians in Ennis, Texas for my cat, Mr. Binx (named after Thackery Binx in the movie Hocus Pocus). It was around Halloween and I’d taken one of my dogs to the vet for his shots. They all knew I was a dog chick. I had 6 dogs for cryin’ out loud. They didn’t care. They knew I was a sucker for anything with fur.

Not Even the Nativity is Safe. Photo by Tasha Stevens

Two guys found Binx when he was a kitten by the side of the road with a messed-up leg. They took him to my Vet’s office where they had to remove it. My husband says the leg they took contained Binx’s soul.

This is why we can't have nice things, Mr. Binx. Photo by Tasha Stevens

I gave in and brought the boy home where he quickly became the Alpha Cat. Keep in mind I have Pitbulls. Have you ever seen a Pitbull afraid to make eye contact with a cat? I have. Everyday.

Don't let the Binx Out of The Bag. Photo by Tasha Stevens

I compare Binx to an unhealthy relationship where one person is always trying to get the other person’s attention and affection and fails miserably. It is the few and far between moments of affection that keep them hanging on. Welcome to my world with Mr. Binx.