Pet of the Week

Friday Furry Friend Yelps for Joy!
I've been doing this Friday feature for almost two years now and usually our visiting dogs are totally inaudible. Completely silent. Sure, some of them have shown our photographers a whole lotta love and seventh even jumped on the counter next to the microphone...
Friday Furry Friend: How The Grinch Stole Our Hearts
After a few medium and large-sized dogs, it was time for Walter Hetzel from Temple Animal Services to surprise us with a smaller dog.  What a charming delightful toy pup he brought to our studio this week.
Named after Dr. Seuss's famous literary creation, miniature-sized Grinch brought…
Sara is Our Pet of the Week
Sara is a tri-colored 14 pound Chihuahua. Yes, I did say 14 pounds. She is a little overweight, but Sara is leash trained so walking with you is not a problem.

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