Rockets Reach 5yr/$90M Deal With Clint Capela
One of the biggest question marks this deep into the offseason for the Houston Rockets was the status of their budding star center, Clint Capela. Those concerns finally came to an end today with a 5yr/$90M contract.
The end of the season brought with it the end of Capela's rookie contract, and p…
Mavs Win Draft Night With Trade for Luka Doncic
The Mavericks came out as the winners of last night's NBA draft with their surprise trade up for the third pick with the Hawks.
Sources had the Mavs slated to take Texas' Mo Bamba with their #5 overall pick. While Bamba is a great player, he was only slated as their pick due to the low chan…
Will the Warriors Sweep? And Does Anybody Even Care?
Here we are, folks! Tonight's the night! The Golden State Warriors are set to take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are facing elimination, in Game 4 of the prestigious NBA Finals!
Tip-off is at 8pm sharp and I know exactly what I'll be doing- laying in bed with my dog watch…
NBA Playoff Check-In: Round One
The first round of the 2018 NBA playoffs kicked off yesterday, and the Western Conference features two representatives from the state of Texas.
The San Antonio Spurs played the first game of the postseason in an early afternoon match-up against the Golden State Warriors...
LeBron James Pranked by Rowdy in Dallas
Just because LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are tipping off against all three Texas teams in the next three days doesn't mean he's the enemy. In fact, James is a known Dallas Cowboys fan and he got a chance to meet Cowboys mascot "Rowdy" in his hotel room w…
Horrific Paul George Leg Break (Graphic – Don’t Look)
Paul George broke his leg in scrimmage of the US National team last night in Las Vegas. The break was so horrific people are comparing it to the Joe Theismann break. CBS news won't even show the replay. For more on the break, and Paul George's condition, check this out.

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