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Tasha's TOTO Trivia
I, like many other TOTO fans, was sad to hear that the band in its current form will cease to exist after October 20th. Band guitarist Steve Lukather says the stress of traveling, health issues, and legal issues led to the decision.
ACDC’s Twin Playing in Belton
If ACDC had a twin, this band would be it. I’ve seen a LOT of tribute bands in my day, so I can honestly say that when it comes to all things ACDC, Back in Black is the absolute best.
You Can Be A Champion For Queen
Queen has been my favorite band since I heard “Killer Queen” for the first time on the radio in 1975. I was blown away by the harmonies and Brian May’s awesome guitar. You know the age old question “What would you grab first if your house was on fire?” Easy. My aut…
K-1017 Classic Rock Roulette!
Hey, hope you're having a pleasant time wherever you happen to be right now. The sun is setting on another hot summer day. Before we are abed, however, it's time for another go round of Classic Rock Roulette! READ ON!
K-101.7 Classic Rock Roulette!
What we are doing today is...because my back is killing me....and it's late...and we all need to get to bed...I'm going to Youtube and typing the words "Classic Rock" into the search bar and whatever comes up first will be our K-101.7 Song Of The Day. Ready?