Killeen Baby Headed To Baby Miss America National Pageant
Major Congratulations go out to the parents and family of Samiya Marion who recently advanced to participate in the Baby Miss America National Pageant taking place in February 2017 in New Orleans according to KCEN 6.
Samiya earned her spot after winning several pageant titles including Baby Miss Sout…
Duct Tape and Babies Don't Make Cute Pictures
I don't get it. Turns out posing your baby in a bowl, or in fruit, or in flowers, is supposed to be cute, but duck taping a pacifier to your baby is abuse. If you ask me, they all deserve a visit from child protective services, but only the Grandmother who used the duck tape is getting in trouble.  …
Babies & Dogs Talking
Hey Der,
The mood had been a little bleak around here today. A lot of talk about death and depression. To lighten the mood a little here are dogs and babies talking.
Doctor Shows us How to Give a Baby a Shot
For all of you who are in Med School right now, here's an amazing video that shows the secret to giving a child a shot. Turns out it has a similar path as entertainment...leave them laughing.

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