Celebrate the American Farmer at the Bell County Museum
To me, nothing says America more than the American farmer. It is because of their work that store shelves and our stomachs remain full. Now, you can celebrate the American farmer at The Bell County Museum as they host the traveling exhibit “American Farmer” from Aug. 31 through Oct. 19
How Other Countries See Americans!
One of the faults of bein' American is a bit of blindness as to how people outside our shores picture us. Maybe we'd be even better Americans if we took those other points of view into account, eh? Cos, boy are they reading us wrong. Jus saying. READ ON!
Your K1017 Song Of The Day: USA! USA! USA!
Well, hey everybody, welcome to today's K-1017 Song Of The Day. As I sit here, a few days in advance of our nation's big birthday party, wracking my brains out, trying to come up with a song and a band related to our country and the fourth of July...