It wasn’t a gas pump skimmer that freaked out a woman at a Kansas gas station, but rather a gas pump slither…as in snake.



According to Fox 7 in Austin, Holly Malkames was pumping gas when she saw a snake in the digital screen. She said the snake dropped its head down where she could see it. Brave gas station employees opened the pump and removed what turned out to be  harmless snake.

The incident is nothing compared to the guy in Texas we told you about not long ago who had a Rattlesnake In his car’s AC Vent.

The gas station snake also doesn’t compare to the snakes I find in my chicken coop…many of them “under” the chickens while they sit on their eggs.


Snake in chicken nesting box. Photo by Tasha Stevens
Snake in chicken coop. Photo by Tasha Stevens

Even though this huge snake is a chicken snake (not poisonous…just eats eggs), copperheads also like to hang out in the chicken coop. Raising chickens is not for the faint of heart.