Poor Kevin Blandford,. The 34 year old from Louisville, Kentucky, won a free vacation to Puerto Rico, but he and his wife Bonnie decided their 8 month old baby was too young to go, so wife and baby stayed home. Kevin went with a co-worker, and thus began the most miserable vacation ever.


That’s when the “not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico” photos began, going viral almost instantly with millions of people laughing at Kevin's Pain.


He was sad everywhere even in the ocean.


Kevin Blandford


He was so sad that the Puerto Rico Tourism Company offered Kevin another trip and this time Kevin, Bonnie and baby went together. Kevin went back to the same places of misery, now places of joy. He even wore the same clothes for illustrative purposes, and took pictures.





Puerto Rico 2.0


Happy for you Kevin.Two free vacations! My only question: Why is the baby old enough to go now when she wasn't old enough to go then?

I guess that kid matures fast.