It's an old adage among police, government officials and entertainment promoters that wherever five or more teenagers are gathered without parental supervision on a weekend night, trouble soon follows. Especially in the summertime.

True to form, it happened Saturday night at Typhoon Texas, a water park in Katy in what was ostensibly a Christian "lock-in" for teenagers.

Despite the "praise-worthy" intentions, things got out of hand. Sorry to be cynical but with 3000 teenagers, how could it not?

A Christian rapper who had been scheduled to perform took this video with his phone:

Whose brilliant idea was this? Even praising the almighty isn't going to stop every teenager from doing what teenagers do.

Ultimately, the park - which merely rented the facility for the event - declared everybody out of the pool, event over. Sunday, they issued this statement:

Advice to the do-gooders of the world: just stay away from teen events. Nothing good can happen.