My brother and I found a special treat under the steps while we were home.

Via Big Q/TSM

Turns out we kept a few things from our youth. My brother went digging under the steps in my parents basement.

I realized that some of you might not know what a basement is. Up north, where the weather gets below freezing a lot, house foundations are dug into the ground. They're called basements. It's a great thing to have, especially if you have kids. Toss their noisy asses downstairs, while you can keep some of your sanity upstairs. People also use basements for storage purposes. Others of course bury bodies and make moonshine and meth, but that's whole other post.

One of the storage places in my parents home is under the steps. It's where they keep all the things from our youth that we never took with us when we moved out.

Well my brother dug out everything and it turns out we still have an original "Pong" game, And an original Atari 2600. Plus games including Asteroids and Pitfall!

Via Big Q/TSM

Could be worth between $100.00 and $300.00, but who wants to sell when you could play. We didn't have the correct connection adapter for the new flat screen T.V.'s but I'm guessing the next we get home my brother, the engineer, will have the right connectors for it and I'll be killing it in Keystone Kapers like I did in the 80s.