Would you go to a little kids dance recital if nobody you knew was in it?  I know me neither. However I would make an exception for this one.  

We have three little girls doing a routine to Aretha Franklin. Yep they did RESPECT.  The little girl in the middle seems to know exactly what Aretha was singing about. Her name is Johanna and her family got a big kick out of her performance  I think everybody in the audience did.



Well, it seems people all over the world have fallen for Miss Johanna. Her Mom has an update on the child's growing popularity. This is what Elissa Colon posted on her Facebook.

"Her story will be on ABC11 here in Raleigh tonight, (Monday), in the 11 hour, she will be giving an interview with WRAL tomorrow, (Tuesday), morning in the 8:30 hour, she will have a digital piece done by ABC news and The Today Show sometime soon (let's hope she gets picked up to go on these shows) and her video is on www.ellentube.com. So if you really think she should be on Ellen go view it there and tell them so! Love you all!


And somebody show this to Aretha!