Tthe first ever all-girl surviving quintuplets were born in a Houston Hospital last week. and it only took 4 minutes!

It was a C-Section for mom Danielle Busby. The babies, Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige, came early at 28 weeks and two days.

And yes, fertility treatment put them in there. Something called IUI, or intrauterine insemination. Danielle and her husband Adam already have one daughter Blayke, also conceived through IUI.

The family is video blogging the whole experience at  Here is the latest installment.  You have to scroll through the talking to see the babies.



And yes, there is a Go Fund Me account, started before the Quints were born.  The goal is $30 thousand. In four months about half of that has been raised. Seems kind of low to me. Do you think people are getting tired of hearing about people with lots of babies?

Do you think the Busby's will get a TV show?


I still think the Octomom should have gotten one. But she was husbandless, jobless, and called irresponsible for her in vitro fertilization. Plus she already had six kids before the octuplets came. Then she did all these unsavory things. But the babies still needed money. This is what her life was like two years ago when she did an Oprah where are they now?



The Octo-babies are six now and I haven't seen much of them in the news lately.


The "19 Kids and Counting" people have their own show and are rolling in the money. Nobody says anything about how strange that is for a woman to keep having babies when she already has babies. I guess cause she had a husband and he had a job.


For now everybody seems to be behind the Busby Quints and it will be fun to see how their life progresses as the babies grow older.