April 16th - Ecuador - 7.8

April 15th - Japan - 7.0

April 14th - Vanuatu - 6.5

April 13th - Myanmar - 6.9

Four days, Four major earthquakes. But, we here in Central Texas don't have to worry about earthquakes, just tornadoes and hurricanes.

Nope. Sorry, we have to worry about all of them.

Have you heard about the  Balcones Fault Zone? It runs from Del Rio to the north central region near Dallas, along Interstate 35.

Even though it's rare, and the chances are small, there still is a chance for an earthquake. Will our structures hold up? Not likely.

Here are a few that just might collapse on people. Sweet dreams.

  • Belton Dam

    Water for Everyone

    Are Dams built to shimmy? I'm guessing not. What's a little water among friends. Keeps everything clean.

    Google Maps
  • I-35

    Loop 363

    If the big one hits, I-35 is done since that's where the fault follows. Or is it I-35 that follows the fault line? Chicken/Egg all over again. Anyway. Pretty sure our overpasses are not built to fault line specs. What will west Temple do if they can't get to the mall?

    Google Maps
  • i-35 Again

    Pancake Highway

    For those of you who don't travel through Temple. They have an elevated road. That road is part of I-35. You think it's bad now with construction. Imagine what it would be like after a 7.8 on the Richter scale.

    Google Maps
  • I35 Yet Again

    190 Exit

    I don't even now if this is even finished, since I don't get out of the house much, but look at those twigs holding up the road. Oh yea, those are coming down.

    Google Maps
  • Scott & White

    Be Afraid

    Sorry to shock you. But do we really think a huge structure like this is built to weeble wobble? Let's hope so, because this is one building we're going to need if the earth decides to do the twist in Central Texas.

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