Ah, to be rich. It sounds nice. I've heard money solves all our problems and I believe it.

According to Fox 7 Austin, one lucky person can now be carefree after winning $227 million from a lotto ticket bought at the Lakeline Express Mart in Cedar Park on Tuesday.

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6, 14, 24, 42, 46 were the winning numbers and the Mega Ball number was 9. Not that it really means anything. I mean there might be some mathematical equation where you take the sum of those numbers, add 7, divide it by 6.2, take the lowest common denominator and go in a pattern of pies and stuff. But I don't know.

Well if you want some extra cash you can still win up to $5,000 when you enter the cash codes that drop at 9, noon, and 5 in the mobile app. There's far less math, plus you can do it from your couch while listening to great music. How's that for a deal?