Considering the insanity that has been 2016, this holiday season promises to be one of a lot of conversation as we gather together to catch up on what we might have missed in each others lives that hasn't already been posted to Facebook. Thanksgiving is a special time, usually meant for the purpose of just being with family and enjoying each others company over some good food. But we all know family brings its own drama, but that's what makes it family right? And that drama will and can ruin things, so here are the family members you need to contact BEFORE Thanksgiving arrives and tell them to relax this year, don't blow it for everybody.

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    Your Political Kinfolks

    Let's get straight to it. This person is gonna want to talk about the election and depending on who they voted for, will either gloat or declare disaster. We've all been through a hellish 2 years dealing with it, and I'm sure this topic won't be avoided during Thanksgiving so do your best to not get emotional or raise your voice. Even if you KNOW what their saying is wrong, no point in devolving into a argument that won't solve or fix anything but will guaranteed ruin your "family unity".

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    "Get It To Go" Cousin

    This person usually just comes through for roughly an hour, grabs "to-go" plates and containers then promptly leaves. Now how can "To-Go Cousin" ruin Thanksgiving? They are usually someone that your grandparents or parents want to really spend time with and see but they are "too busy" even on holidays to spend the day with them. They are usually greeted with "Oh, hey stranger" or "Long time no see, just getting your food and leaving as usual huh?"

    Brian Jackson
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    Football Fan (Cowboy Fans Especially)

    Football on Thanksgiving is an American Tradition and yes trash talk gets to an epic level during this time of the year. Of course you know ONE team is for sure going to be on your TV sets that day will be the Dallas Cowboys and since the Cowboys are on a roll you can expect your family members that are fans to be extra annoying this year...until Romo comes back.

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    Your (Or Someone Else's) Ex

    For some strange reason, someone will invite your "ex" to Thanksgiving due to how "close" they still are with your family. This will surely lead to the possibility of awkward questions and embarrassing moments like "I remember when you two were together" or "Wait, Yall not together anymore". Please, let "exes" be what they are..."exes".