Uncle Ted was in Waco on Thursday to speak out about the right to bear arms at a meeting of the McLennan County Republican Club.

KCENTV reports about 20 protestors stood outside the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame to protest Nugent's speech. The protestors said they felt it strange the speech was scheduled not long after the Parkland, Florida shooting when so many students are calling for tougher gun control to prevent mass shootings.

Nugent told those listening to his speech that the protestors are incorrect to think he does not want to prevent mass shootings, but that the focus should be on the person using guns and the environment that invites them to commit a crime.

Nugent expressed to the members of the Republican Club that the focus should be on getting rid of gun free zones so that criminals can not shoot at people uncontested. The McLennan County Republican club said they are open to a continued discussion with the protestors.