Super Bowl

Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” Commercial
There we are, my sons and I, sometime early in the first half of the "big game". We're all enjoying a great game, having laughs, eating grilled wings, but for some reason all the commercials have been sub-par, but we're not worried. Then a commercial airs that starts off …
Was Flea Faking It at the Super Bowl?
Once again, the performance of a shirtless person during a Super Bowl halftime show has caused some controversy. However, this time it's not related to the musician's lack of clothes. Apparently, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was miming to a backing track during Sunday's performan…
Stephen Colbert Sells Wonderful Pistachios
Hey Der,
Well is seems Stephen Colbert can do no wrong.  His Super Bowl commercial was one of the most popular.  In case you missed it during all the exciting action of the game.  Oh my! Seattle just scored again!  Here's the commercial.
Greatest Super Bowl Commercial You Didn’t See – Jamie Casino
Local injury lawyer Jamie Casino is based in Savanna Georgia.  His brother was killed in a shooting indecent on Labor Day Weekend.  Jamie bought time during the Super Bowl Half-time to tell the story of how the police chief covered it up.  You would think it's a trailer for a new…

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