What's weirder? This song is thirty years old or the fact that guys in the band are staring the age of sixty write in the face. Remember those pretty boys, romping around on that boat with the super models? Well, they're all eligible for AARP membership now.  Not that they show it all that much. They still have all their hair, they have remained relatively trim, Nick Rhodes still wears more makeup than your old Gran. How do I know all that? Well, I might be showing my colors as a long time, out of the closet Duran fan. I may have something like six or seven copies of Rio, just a few feet from me, at all times.


This song was re-mixed in a revolutionary way by Nile Rogers, a mix the band was amazed at, so much so they rearranged the way the were performed it live to match the remix. Prior to this, the group wanted the tune to be the lead single from Seven and the Ragged Tiger, but the label didn't like the WHY I-I-I-I-I part that kicked off "why don't you use it" segments, thinking this would keep the song from being a success, fearing people would find it annoying. Cos record labels are generally run by really smart people.

The song went to number one in the spring of 1984, keeping Bruce Sprinsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" out of the top spot because...1984. Thirty years ago. Wow. And now, it's your-

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