Since Rock & Roll, or "popular" music, first came into existence, the female population of this planet has been screaming, in a good way.  Oh sure, on some level, it's a goal to make a woman scream, in a good way, but Rock & Roll seems to have been able to sustain the "scream" for  generations.  I wonder if the the pre-teens and teenagers of today have any idea that their mother, grandmother, and it some cases, great-grandmother screamed themselves into a state of flux when they were the same age.  Here's a look at some of the artist that help generations of young girls find unrequited love.

Before Rock turned into what it is today, Big Band was what put wings on the ladies feet.  One name instantly pops up...Frank.

He got some competition from one Dean Martin.
But when comes to the hysterical, long sustained, scream, it all starts with one name...Elvis.
For some, Elvis was a little old.  They went in search for someone closer to their age.  They found Ricky Nelson.
Suddenly the English, of all people, found that one "pretty boy" was great, four would be insane.  I give you Beatle-mania.
Some of the ladies like the "Bad Boys"
The end of 60's gave a glimpse of what was to come with the fake TV band The Monkees. They sustained the scream for a few years.  Just ask Marcia Brady.
The 70's seemed to market to the teenagers with more passion, and more television.  Is that the Partridge bus?
If you like a boy who hung out with his sister and brothers a lot, then you  liked Donnie.
If you liked a boy who just hung out with his brothers, then you liked Michael.
Even the 70's teens liked a bad boy.  Your name is Leaf?  Oh, Leif.  That's much better.
Sometimes the TV star jumped to the movies.  You ladies were fine with that, as long as John Travolta was dancing in it.
The 70's had their share of group action.  And music groups as well.  Bay City Rollers from Scotland's in the house.
The 80's brought about a revolution.  The true combination of music and Television, MTV.  Now if you weren't a "pretty boy" you weren't going to make it. (Christopher Cross).  But if you were pretty, well all the world of girls, and cocaine, were yours for the taking.  One of the first to sustain the scream was Duran Duran.
The land down under tossed in their two cents with INXS.
Heartthrobs got to be more than common place after awhile, but then the volume got turned up with the introduction of New Edition.
It reached 11 with the New Kids on the Block
These kids hit it so big that it sent the "boy band" to a whole new level.  But it went so high that when it landed, it went into hibernation for a bit.  But when it came back in the late 90's, it came back a monster.  That monster had a name...The Backstreet Boys.
These kids got so big that they could say no to Disney, and in doing so opened the door to competition that would soon send them packing.  NYSNC
A lot of us were hoping that it would end after that, but no.  Girls will be girls, and record execs will be, greedy, evil bastards, and now it's come back again.  Giving the teens of today a reason to feel embarrassed when they turn 30.  It seems this whole process has only One Direction to go.

It's safe to say that as long as there are teen-age girls, someone will be making them scream.  In a good way.