1988 seems a long ways back, sometimes. Then a song plays from that year, and dang if it's just like I stepped into another room. Usually, that song is something along the lines of "Kokomo." Or "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Musical time travel, baby.  Bam, I'm 21 and working my first radio job, overnights on a station next to a mini-storage in Harker Heights, across the highway from the remains of an old drive in. Midnight to six, baby. The graveyard of radio. Where the weak become mighty. Where today's song broke through the dreck of top 40 radio with it's toe tappin' beat and bizzaro lyrics.


Let me get this straight. You frolic with some girl on a cliff above a raging sea. She macks on you. You pass out. She jumps off the cliff. THE END? Okay, so there's a lotta metaphor stuff happening right? Maybe the girl was a figment of your imagination? Are you on the Marry Wanna? The sea stole the only girl you loved, and drowned her DEEP INSIDE OF YOU? What does that mean? Are you singing to a food stuff of some sort, a burrito, perhaps? You fell in love with a burrito and then you ate it?

"I am not singing to a burrito, you twit! It's about love and love lost. I think. Or it's about a monkey. Or a bicycle. Or a monkey riding a bicycle. Do I look fat in this?"

Anyway, this song was actually inspired by lead singer Robert Smith's trips past the sea shore with his future wife. Maybe he was fantasizing about tossing her in the water. Lord knows I've thought about that, every time my wife complains about me loading the dishwasher badly. Do you think Robert Smith even has a dishwasher? Does he just put them on the table and clean them with his burning burning tears? According to Smith According to Smith, "The song is about hyperventilating—kissing and fainting to the floor." The opening line of the song ("Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick") refers to his childhood memories of mastering magic tricks, but added "on another [level], it's about a seduction trick, from much later in my life".


The song's a peppy classic. From the summer of 1988, I give you your-


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