Hey there, K-101.7 Faithful, welcome back to our continuing series of rambling song sum-ups, very popular in some quarters, covering songs you know and love, and are just dying to hear again. That's the way it goes in my head, anyway. Today we're getting Notorious!


Yeah, this is the musical skeleton in my closet. Well, actually, there's whole worlds of skeletons in there, but I think Duran Duran are the lead musical guilty pleasure. really should a 48 year old man still be a fan of these guys? Well lemme tell you something, buddy, not only is Duran Duran still around, they're working on a new album with the producer/writer of the biggest song in the world, that being Mark Ronson, and it'll be out later this year, on a major label. So...ha ha ha.


This song goes back to the first time folks had written this band off. Two members of the band had left, they hadn't released music in almost two years, a new album in almost three, the MTV days were behind them. What use for these dudes, the critics said. The band hooked up with music pioneer Nile Rogers, got their funk on, hired a horn section and swung for the fences, resulting in a number two position on the Billboard hot one hundred in late 1986, so there. It's worth saying that the song they knocked off the top spot in Canada was by Boston. Those were very weird times, musically.

So, with that in your head, please now to enjoy the video, shot during the late eighties video craze in which you had to shoot in every grainy screwed up film stock available. Also, if you could throw the camera around like it was attached to a tether ball, all the better.  This is your-


P.S: Notorious was the title track to the accompanying album, but many bands released records where there was no song titled the same as the album. Now, there's a group  called the Title Trackers, who record these songs in the bands's stead. Find out more about these guys and the fine work they're doing HERE!